Are my items insured?
Our own company insurance policy covers the building only, not your contents. Homeowners’ insurance covers personal items that you keep in storage, but it’s important to advise your insurance company that you are keeping items in a separate storage facility to ensure you’re covered.
What forms of payments do you accept?
We’re flexible. We accept cash, cheques, credit cards, debit cards, or we can set up a pre-authorized debit from your bank account.
How can I keep my items organized?
We strongly recommend labelling your boxes and containers carefully. You may know what’s in them today, but six months from now it could be difficult to remember which box a certain item is located in. When choosing the size of your storage unit, consider that you’ll likely want some extra space to move around your items if you need to access something at the back. If there are items you know you’ll need access to throughout your lease, keep them at the front by the door for your convenience later on.
How can I keep my items safe?
If you’re storing items such as photos, electronics or any other items that could be affected by temperature swings, we recommend opting for our insulated, climate-controlled units that are heated in winter. Items that can’t be boxed, such as furniture, should be carefully wrapped. We also recommend using pallets to keep your belongings off the floor, which are provided if chosen.
How will my belongings be kept safe and secure?
Our storage facility is well lit and kept locked at all times. Our storage units are durable, well-maintained, clean and rodent-free. Only our customers have key access to our gated compound – through the use of a heavy-duty specialized lock system.

To protect your items, there are certain goods we do not allow in our facility (see below). You can rest assured knowing your possessions are protected when you store them with us.

Are there any items I can’t store in my unit?
Yes, for safety reasons we don’t allow propane tanks, fuel, oil or anything combustible. Items that could leak Freon cannot be accepted. Illegal items such as stolen goods and drugs are also prohibited. This is to ensure the safety and security of all our customers and their belongings – our number one priority.
Can I drive right up to my storage unit?
Yes, all of our storage units are drive-up – making drop offs and pick ups a breeze.
Do you offer discounts for long-term leases?
Yes! We’re pleased to provide discounts for long-term storage leases. When you pre-pay for a one-year contract, you get the 12th month free. Signing up for two or more years? Each year, we’ll continue to provide the complimentary 12th month. Contact us for further information on pricing and long-term discounts.
What sizes do your storage units come in?
Our storage units come in five sizes: (5.5’ x 8’), (9’ x 12’), (10’ x 25’), (9’ x 30’) and (10’ x 30’). Our 10’ x 30’ units are insulated, and have option of being heated and climate controlled. Our smaller units are cold storage. Not sure what size would work best for you? We’d be happy to discuss your needs and make a helpful suggestion.

These didn’t answer your questions? No problem, we’d be happy to answer them for you.